Our Whakatauki

He aha te mea nui? - he tangata, he tangata, he tangata
What is important - it is people, it is people, it is people

He aha te huarahi? - I runga, I te TIKA, te PONO, me te AROHA
What is the pathway? - It is Doing what is RIGHT with INTEGRITY and COMPASSION

TIKA – the agreed pathway is a shared understanding and vision, to support clients, internal/allied colleagues and our organisations to achieve maximum potential with equity

PONO – our decisions are underpinned by, and made with, integrity

AROHA – compassion to care enough for those affected by inequalities and to challenge comfort zones in an effort to make a healthy difference for the population we are funded to serve

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TWONA Online

whanau ora application

This comprehensive online application has been specifically developed to provide Social Service Providers access to Te Puna’s Whanau Ora Harakeke IMAP® model of practice.

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Whanau Ora & Harakeke IMAP® Model

IMAP® is an intensive, home and centre-based case management service, which comprises a multi-disciplinary team to support, motivate and mentor whānau to achieve self-determined goals.It is a Whānau-focused service built around the kaupapa of restoring Tapu and Mana; i.e. Dignity

IMAP® is equated to the harakeke (or flax), where the weaver (whanau member) weaves their flax (the many facets of their life) into the desired form to achieve their preferred result.

“I can MAP my way out of this with help”

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